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August 02nd, 2010

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Women are looking to buy LibiGel

According to research done by various independent groups, pharmaceutical companies, and clinics it’s estimated that over a third of all women are being plagued by Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) or Hypoactive Sexual Arousal Disorder (HSDD). People are looking for ways to buy LibiGel now. Some may say this is disease mongering but a recent study funded by LibiGel’s development firm suggests that around 80% of physicians and standard doctors agree that there is a substantial need for an FDA approved solution. This may be to cover the fact they are already prescribing testosterone therapies “off label” to tune of about 2 million women with serious enough symptoms or complaints of decreased libido to warrant a hormonal therapy. The race is on and BioSante, Libigel's parent company) is hoping to be the first to answer the markets demand imitating the Viagra market.

What are FSD and HSDD you might ask?

Female sexual disorder is actually a pretty recent term that has been crafted up by scientist, doctors, and therapists to classify all decreased libido symptoms under a single ailment. It actually covers a pretty broad range of symptoms and issues including

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Orgasmic Disorder (inability to achieve orgasm)
  • Decreased Female Libido
  • Decreased Sexual Arousal
  • Lowered Female Stimulation

What causes these symptoms?

There are a lot of reasons a women’s sex drive can go south including everything from an unhealthy diet and exercise regimen to a history of sexual and mental abuse. However, the focus medical doctors and pharmaceutical firms are taking is on women who have seen a drop in libido post menopause or after a surgical hysterectomy. These two events account for a significant change in hormones such as testosterone, estradiol, estrogen, and others that are directly linked with female’s sexual arousal and excitement. It’s no myth that after you reach that special age things seem to taper off and the testosterone gel that forms LibiGel is target to this specific market.

What is it? How much is it?

Like other therapies LibiGel is a topical solution comprised of a gel formulated of testosterone, stabilizers, and containment liquids. It is to be applied daily from its distributer which looks like a glue stick on the upper arm of a woman. The dosage is predetermined and releases throughout the day adjusting natural hormone levels in women. While not much is known about pricing it will be a prescription drug and at least one source has commented that the CEO is stating approximately $4 USD a day for the therapy.

When can I talk to my Dr. about a therapy?

Not quite yet. BioSante is confident they will be able to launch the product in the next 18 months as LibiGel has completed Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III trials successfully without any advert effects on test patients to date. They will be submitting an NDA to the FDA for approval and release of the product to the US market with a goal of completion this year. However P & G’s recent product, a testosterone patch was not so successful in the US. While it is available in the EU test did not show enough positive results compared to placebo to warrant need in the United States. LibiGel on the other hand had a pretty impressive efficiency result during the Phase II trials taking ownership of a 230% improvement of placebo in its ability to improve satisfactory sexual activity in test patients.

Are there any natural solutions?

Where there is a market there is money and there will always be the alternative medicine and homeopathic remedy market. Currently this market has been the leader in female sexual enhancers with companies like Lyriana, Provestra, and Vigorelle leading the way with creams and tablets containing so called female aphrodisiac ingredients. These ingredients, usually herbs and foods like Macca, Horney Goat Weed, and Suma Root generally aid in circulation with the goal of promoting greater stimulation of the female genitals therefore creating more vaginal lubrication with a result in great sexual pleasure. There is plenty of information to be found on the internet. One site highly recommended for updates, reviews, and articles about natural female libido boosters and LibiGel is Feminine Review they seem to have regular updates on these topics. Who knows maybe something will be released this year by another firm that has been closer guarding their secrets.

Written by:
Elizabeth Spirely

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Darn, I thought I could buy this here...
I hope to heck that you can never buy prescriptions, especially hormone treatments online. Could you imagine how many wacky people would be walking around?
Hey now Janelle, that's not fare. I have been using testorone cream as a treatment for my HSDD and have had some pretty good results improving my libido with minimal side effects.
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